Paint Sticks - Set of 6 Glow Colours

Paint Sticks - Set of 6 Glow Colours

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Do you often think about setting up a painting experience for your children and cringe? Well we understand many parents feel this way and so we've come to the rescue with these amazing paint sticks!
They make painting easy and fun for everyone! They are washable, non-toxic and easy to use, simply twist up and down just like a glue stick!
They can be used on a variety of surfaces like, paper, card, canvas and wood. You will also be amazed at the results on glass and plastics, they just wipe off! No need for brushes or water. Just uncap and paint directly onto your chosen surface.
Little Brian Paint Sticks are compact, clean and portable. Quick drying and ideal for outdoor play too. 

Suitable for children of ages 3+

This pack includes 6 colours: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Brown. 
Happy painting!

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