Do A Dot Art! Colouring Book - Mighty Dinosaurs

Do A Dot Art! Colouring Book - Mighty Dinosaurs

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What’s your favourite dinosaur? Discovering Mighty Dinosaurs lets you explore, colour and learn facts about all your favourite mighty dinosaurs. This book includes the scary Tyrannosaurus Rex, the very large Apatosaurus, the bold Triceratops, and many more! This book also has fun 2 dimensional activities with simple guidelines to follow as well as create your own dinosaur artwork!

Some notes about this Activity Book

  • It has big, bold artwork making it easy for children of a variety of ages to colour 
  • The pages are printed on heavy card stock paper to prevent bleeding
  • Perforated for easy removal and display
  • Engaging and fun pictures
  • Allows children to develop and consolidate their knowledge of letters, numbers and shapes
  • Great for travel!

Suitable for children of ages 3+.

Happy playing!