Magnetic Letters & Numbers

Magnetic Letters & Numbers

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This is a great little Magnetic Letter and Numbers set to add to your learning and play collection at home. Made from compact foam, the quality of this set is superior to many others on the market. It offers a fantastic tactile learning experience for children of all ages.

Every set comes with 104 custom designed letters in uppercase and lowercase along with 11 numbers. Curious Columbus foam magnets are also made bigger with over 80% of the letters sized at 1.8” tall, and the rest 1.6” tall.

The customised font has been specially designed with friendly rounded edges - perfect for kids learning their ABC's. The vowels are blue making it the ideal way to help children find, learn and identify the 'A E I O U' letters.

Parents will also love the full rubberised magnetic backing - not only are they super strong, but there’s no little magnets to risk being lost or worse swallowed.

This cute little set offers children of a range of ages so much play, fun and learning! Here's just some of the fun you can have:

  • Match the uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Place the letters into alphabetical order
  • Place the numbers in order
  • Draw pictures beginning with each letter
  • Make simple words using the letters
  • Use the magnets as stampers in playdough and create letters, words and numbers 

Suitable for children 3 years +

Happy learning!