Play like Coco Number Cards

Play like Coco Number Cards

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At Play like Coco we are extremely passionate about learning through play and use lots of resources to support this at home. 

You can download this FREE set of Number Cards and use them to help children learn about the numbers 0-9. From number recognition to formation there are endless activities you can do with these cards.

Some fun things we love to do with these cards:

  • Trace over the numbers using a pencil, crayon, paint or simply, your finger. Use different colours and keep tracing over the letters to create rainbow letters!
  • Count and colour the apples to match each number card.
  • Roll a dice then find the matching number card.
  • Trace over the numbers using dot stickers.
  • Laminate the cards and use a whiteboard marker to trace over the letters, wipe them down and do it all again.
  • Laminate the cards or put them in a plastic pocket then use the cards in sensory play. Use playdough or Sensory Sand to create the numbers.
  • Put a card in a tray, then cover the card with rice or another sensory base such as Sensory Sand. Use a paint brush to move the sensory base and discover what number is hiding. 
  • Hide the numbers around the house and play find the number. Or use your magnifying glass and go on a number hunt!

This is a FREE download; all you have to do is add the product to your cart and checkout. The digital download will be sent to your email address. It's that easy!

These Alphabet Cards are suitable for children aged 3+. 

Have fun exploring numbers!