Craft Kit Refill Pack
Craft Kit Refill Pack
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Craft Kit Refill Pack

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Our Craft Kit Refill Pack is a handy time saver! We know how busy you already are, so we've got you sorted! When your little ones have gone through the original Play like Coco Craft Kit items, order a Craft Kit Refill Pack. We will refill some of the items ensuring you get the most out of your original purchase and aren't forced to buy an entire new Kit!

What you'll find in this Play like Coco Kit is: 

  • A Play like Coco storage bag to keep all items within this Kit
  • A range of fun stickers - make fun pictures and patterns
  • Glue stick- non-toxic, washable and acid free
  • Washi tape - great to rip and stick!
  • A range of different paper including squares, circles and various patterns. Great for making lots of things. Rip it, cut it and stick it!
  • Glitter - parents don't be scared! Glitter is fun, just make sure you put a piece of paper under your craft project to catch any glitter that spills over. You may sparkle for a few days but who doesn't love to sparkle :)
  • Patty pans - these bring your craft project to life!
  • Pop sticks - great for creating different things
  • A drawing pad for your child's craft adventures
  • Various paper templates - just stick a jumbo pop-stick to it and then you can engage in some imaginary play!

What you wont find in this pack (that is in the Play like Coco Craft Kit) is:

  •  High quality storage box
  •  First Creations Safety Scissors
  •  Educational Colours Jumbo Crayons
  •  ABC Dot-to-Dot activity book
  •  First Creations Easi-Grip Animal Crayons

We try our best to keep the craft items the same but due to the availability of some products, the items may vary from time to time. We may also discover some other new craft items so we might decide to mix things up a bit and add them to the packs.

All items in this kit are suitable for children of ages 3+.

Happy crafting!

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