Have you heard of Bucket Filling? Let us tell you why it's so AMAZING!

Are you looking for an amazing way to teach positive attitudes and behaviours, along with kindness in your home?
Sometimes it is hard for our children to understand the impact of their words and actions - positive or negative. 
This is why I fell in love with BUCKET FILLING when I was teaching in the classroom and used it for many years, now as a Mum of two, I use it in my home.
What is Bucket Filling you may be thinking..
Bucket Filling is based on the analogy that “we all carry an individual bucket with us all the time”.
This bucket represents our feelings and emotions. 
Here’s an example: When somebody treats us nicely or does something kind, our bucket starts to “FILL” when our bucket is full we feel happy. When somebody says something not nice or does something hurtful or negative, this is BUCKET DIPPING and our bucket gets “dipped” and we start to feel sad and upset. 
How I use Bucket Filling at home..
Whether I am using Bucket Filling at home or in a classroom setting, I always use and refer to my 3 BUCKET FILLING BOOKS, these are beautiful stories that really explain bucket filling to children and within the stories you see and hear the impact of bucket filling and dipping behaviours and how they make us feel. 
At home we created a family bucket. We use felt balls as our visual prompt for filling and dipping our bucket. If someone in our family does something negative we visually dip out a felt ball and as a family we discuss and explain how what the person did has dipped and it has made all of our family feel sad. Then when we see a change in behaviour, or someone in our family does something helpful, kind or positive we visually fill the bucket back up with felt balls and explain how now we feel happy.
We find this works amazingly well for our family, and the visual prompt of filling and dipping with the felt balls really helps our young children to understand the impact of their actions on the whole family. We also always talk in buckets in our home. Regularly asking is your bucket full? How do you think I am feeling? Is my bucket full or empty? Which really helps for our children to think about the impact of their behaviours. It is often a great reminder for us adults too! 

How I use bucket filling in the classroom..
Just like at home, I always introduce bucket filling by using the books and continually refer back to these. In the classroom at the beginning of each year I set up a fun activity where everyone in the class creates their own bucket, we then make a wall display of all of the buckets to show our buckets are always there.
When working with younger children, I use visual tools such as pom poms and a class bucket on the whiteboard where we fill and dip the bucket, using this visual prompt to discuss behaviour and impacts. 
With older children, I use the bucket display more as a visual reminder. Bucket Filling is always part of our everyday language and referred to multiple times a day. I find it amazing to watch how children learn and think about their impacts on others more with this strategy. I also practice bucket filling daily with older children. I do this by having children write kind words about others in the classroom, or something someone did that filled their bucket. Watching their faces light up and their bucket fill as they read the comments their friends write is incredible! I see such an increase in positive, kind actions when using bucket filling in my classroom. 
What do you need to set up bucket filling in your home or learning space..
I highly recommend using all or one of the Bucket Filling Books - these are an amazing way to set up bucket filling and to really help children understand bucket filling. 
Make a bucket of some form, either use an actual bucket or create your own using a container, it is important for younger children to have the actual visual prompt of the bucket. 
Pom Poms or Felt Balls are a great option to use also as visual prompts for filling and dipping. 
It really is a super easy strategy to set up and I promise you it works. My favourite part about BUCKET FILLING is that there is a real focus on positive and kind behaviours not just negative, I love that I can help my children and the children I teach learn from a young age, the way they make people feel when they do kind things. 
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